I saw this post on Facebook (image below)
It got me thinkin’ and was the catalyst for this sharing….

First thank, you to Audrey Shenandoah – your thoughts have inspired more of mine

My thoughts as of this writing that continue to evolve in and beyond this post….

For Me – Peace is Access to the Sacredness of the Heart – to the silence within – to balance – to that space of possibility from which all comes. Peace is Access to all that lives within and the connection to All Things, Peace is….   Peace is when Love is Itself …. a very fully integrated, action oriented, balance bringing, in-powered and empowering Love

For me – Peace is not about Law and Justice or Rules – which to me implies ‘enforcement’ – Peace is a living embodiment of conscious integration – i.e. Conscious Oneness – that can be a fierce Conscious Oneness – and as such it ends up ‘ruling’ – as we have consequences when we do not live as designed – the print out of life shows us we are out of balance via its feedback – and we are ‘grossly’ out of balance right now. This ‘gross’ out of balance – this demand for action – is calling forth a balancing of energies showing us we can no longer wait to act – we MUST ACT NOW….Inside and Out.
This is an opening of a verse of mine called “Revelations” from “Vice Versa Verse”: “We are moving from a world that changes by consequence to a world that changes proactively by choice, yet to get there, we are being triggered by consequence.” – Kim Conrad

To Conscious Integration and Oneness – a door through which we find home – a home that we are, a home that has never left and is there whenever we chose to experience our integration and say hello. A place from which we can be constantly becoming.
Take a few moments – Put your hands on your heart – feel the resonance of heart through every cell of your being and all the spaces in between, then – breathe slowly in for 3 – pause – out for 5 – pause – repeat 9 times and allow yourself to come home.

Notice how much balance there actually is.
Notice how much Peace already exists and enhance it –
Be Thankful for the Peace on Earth that already exists today –
it does exist – and likely is in this moment of connection.

Then also address – take action to bring balance to those parts of our world that are calling for attention by illustrating their ‘out of balance’.

Peace be with you, as you, of you, for you and the US that WE Are NOW.

My Best for Our Best,


Kim Conrad
International Speaker, Coach, Consultant
Multi-Award Winning Author
Difference Maker