Some Thoughts on Giving –

The Holidays are so often referred to as ‘the season of giving’. I find that giving throughout the year of my heart, my time, my love, my appreciation etc. is a much more fulfilling way to go. And to note that receiving is actually giving someone the opportunity of experiencing the joy and fulfillment of their giving. I realized quite a while ago, having had difficulty receiving myself, that when we have troubles receiving we are actually cutting another person off from experiencing the gift of their giving.
As long as of course, you truly wish to receive what is being given 🙂 … That’s a whole other thing 🙂
So what if you could enjoy both giving and receiving?
How much more FUN could that be for EveryOne?

For over 30 years I have done events providing my jewelry and inspirational books as gifts of the heart for both the outside and the inside. I have listened to so many speak of the Holidays this way, “Oh – I can’t give to myself, I am shopping for gifts for others. … I can’t give to myself now!” If it feels appropriate, I will ask if I might share another perspective…. Most often I hear “Yes, please do.”
When I ask if it could be of value to share and … I get a “Yes” this is what I share:
I don’t think the Holidays were designed as a ‘giving’ and ‘denying’ experience!
They were designed as a season of giving…. which includes you too.
So I invite you to include yourself if you happen to be one of those ‘Holiday deniers’ 🙂
We go shopping often at the Holidays more than any other time of year.
We see more goodies than any other time of year.
Why deny us the joy of gifting ourselves when we place ourselves in front of so much richness – so much creativity, imagination and joy?
Budget yourself in throughout the year if that works – set aside money for yourself as well as others…. for the more we include ourselves, the more we can include others.
We can only treat others the way we treat ourselves….
Be Nice to Yourself 🙂
You’re worth it!

So IN-JOY the Holidays!
What if You IN-JOYED gifting yourself and others – however that looks – with a smile, a hug, a laugh, acknowledging yourself in the mirror,
your time, your money, a gift gift … etc
What if you said YES?!!
What could your life look like then?

Give with Love and Goodies as you chose
IN-clude yourself along the way –
with all the gifts giving and receiving of the heart as well as all the delicious goodies in all kinds of packages.
It’s Much More FUN!

Then – I’d like to share this verse on Giving from my book
“Vice Versa Verse”

You have to give in first in order to give out.
If you don’t you give up
and are no longer able to give out
because you’ve used up everything that’s in.
Fill your basket first to give from your fullness
rather than lack.

Living in giving is not about self-sacrifice
it’s about giving from your wholeness.
when you are whole
you can receive what others have to give.

Give other people the experience of giving too –
receive them
by first receiving yourself.

– Kim Conrad
Copyright 2012-2018
“Vice Versa Verse – Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul”
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With Love and Being Grateful For the GIFT of You

A FUN Holiday Image – whether you are a Cat Lover or Not 🙂

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker & Consultant
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC