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“Being brave enough to be ourselves, we become someone elses unintended hero; and, in so doing we become our own.”
– Kim Conrad

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Kim Conrad, M.A.
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Founder, Sacred Life Living


My Word Wizards: A Mutation or a Special Feature? What do you choose?


Words have SUCH POWER. We create our world with them. Nothing that we create would happen without them. In fact I could say that the world that human beings are responsible for is the culmination of all the words ever spoken. What we speak today is the future of tomorrow. We literally ‘SENTENCE OURSELVES’ every day to the experiences we have because of the words we think, feel, speak and write, much of which is conditioning from our upbringing and/or society in general. Science now shows that what we think, feel, speak and write literally becomes the physical matter in our world.

Last week I looked over at the young woman who works with me and remarked, “I love your dimples! They’re gorgeous J”
She responded matter-of-factly with, “Their a mutation.”
I asked, “Where did you get that?”
She said, “I read this article and they are a mutation.”
I was in awe of how this beautiful young woman had taken on she has a mutation because of what she read in an article.
I asked if I could share and she said “Yes, of course.”

I asked, “Did dimples exist before this person decided that they were a mutation?”
With a broad grin she said, “Yes”
I continued, “So because someone, at some recent point in time, put their conditioned interpretation on dimples as a mutation you have chosen to agree with them? You would take on their limited thinking?”
She smiled and said, “I guess I did. I didn’t realize what I was doing.”

Continuing, “I could say then with this person’s logic that anything that is different is a mutation? A mutation from what – the mutation before it? That doesn’t sound like a fun existence to me.”
She said, “Me neither!” Her mind tiking…”I have a Special Feature then.”

With a Big Smile I said, “Absolutely! I Love Special Features!”
She said, “I like my Special Feature!”
I said, “I do too!”
With Big Smiles we high fived each other and went on with our day in a much happier mood.

What are things you think you have that are weird and/or different?
What if they were all Special Features?
And how can you live them in a Special Way as Special Gifts for yourself, others and this world?

How much can you learn and grow from them, with them?
And, How much joy can you have doing it?

© Kim Conrad 2020

Success Coach, Award-Winning Author, Speaker
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2020-04-11 – Welcome to Corona – Take 2

It was Monday morning this last week. I got up, what for me is now early, to get out the door to be at Big Lots by 9am to be in line for toilet paper.  I finally need to get some. There were about 8 of us standing 6+ feet apart, all of us with masks on. I smiled at everyone with my eyes grinning because you couldn’t see my mouth and said “GOOD MORNING! Nice to meet you here today.”  Other’s eyes smiled too and we joined in a nice group chuckle.

9am – the doors open and we kindly file into Big Lots to get whatever we need while maintaining our distance. The store is having the first hour for seniors, which I qualify for because of the number of times I’ve made it around the sun, and don’t feel like it! I am still surprised when I am standing in line for ‘seniors’ or get discounts because of being a senior citizen! This just doesn’t compute somehow. 
(If you’re wondering how ‘old’ or YOUNG I am – it’s 64 and counting – gratefully so

I got my toilet paper. Helped others get theirs. Kleenex and a couple more things. Paid at the register and the exit door was locked. The clerk and I chuckled. I said, “You want me to come in and shop but never let me out!”  We both laughed and she helped me go out the entrance doors rather than wait for the manager to open the exit doors.

I get to my truck. Unlock it and start to put my purchases in the back seat when I look down and see this tiny square of bright white paper staring up at me from the gravel parking lot. From where I don’t know, this thought immediately came to mind “It’s a picture of Bruno Groening”. I could even see his face in my mind’s eye.

I have done healing processes with the society that practices Bruno Groening’s work – Circle of Friends – with great results. I think a lot of his work and even have a few small pictures in places in my home to help support well-being… (If you’re curious – here is a link of the first in a documentary series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNlXuclHhVc – a very powerful healer and still is)

I do not and have not carried a picture of him in my car. Yet, here I am finding his picture – one from my house, that has shown up on the ground in the parking lot at Big Lots. The white paper was so bright I could not miss it. And then to have the thought “it’s one of my pictures of Bruno Groening from home.”  How did that happen? Somehow I knew it was his picture. I could feel this warmth of knowing flowing through my body when I saw the back of the picture on the ground. I turned the little square of paper over and sure enough it was one of the portraits from my home!

HOW IN THE WORLD DID IT GET THERE in the parking lot at Big Lots?   Did it get stuck on my clothes and fall at just the right time to land outside my truck?  Who knows… (I’d love to meet “Who” –  When we don’t know something we often say ‘Who knows!’ How much more could I know if I knew Who?)

This unusual co-incidence – this sign – just brought an experience of knowing for me that I am being protected and taken care of. In All This craziness – this re-organizing – I AM Being Taken Care of. It’s just important to listen and act on these knowings I get of where to go and what to do. Listening and acting in the best timing shown – when my whole body lines up with the choices – it works out!

Back to Bruno – Standing in the parking lot with his picture in my hand, I said a very deep thank you to him and to all of this expanding experience that I am being supported by…being taken care of somehow with everything going on. It will be and IS BEING Okay. Somehow Someway It Is Being OK.

WE ARE OKAY. A bit crazy right now OR A LOT Crazy right now. AND OK. If you’re reading this in this moment you are OK. You couldn’t sit here right now and read this without somehow being OK. Connecting to: that underneath this experience of Earth School our essence – the truth of who we are is truly OK… it can’t not be, because being OK is an essence of the truth of who we are – of the nature of life itself. Stuff happens, and that stuff may not feel ok, and may not be ok and yet, behind that, underneath that ‘stuff’ we are OK – that can never change. And What If the more and more of us that choose and act on our choosing – we can and are creating a world better than what we’ve been? We Can – I Know – I am doing it with my own body and my life after a car accident.

Breathe, receive, feel our way with loving inside and out even when it’s scary. Come back into our bodies from any head trips and fears. Be present. Receive and feel and know what actions to take next.

Days later finding Bruno Groening’s picture in the parking lot still amazes me. IT’S AMAZING. IT IS A MIRACLE. And one that I am taking to heart, fully receiving and passing on.

What itty bitty, teeny weeny, little or big or in between miracles have been showing up in your life these last few weeks? Write ’em down. How many can you find?
And …
What if you were one of them?

To the miracle that is You…
Love is Infinite 

And So Are You.


Kim Conrad, M.A.
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Founder, Sacred Life Living

Corona – My experience – Take 1

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons – even though I’m not retired yet) asked it’s members to share their stories – this is what I chose to share:
I am 64. In 2007 I had a serious car accident with brain and neck injuries. I am my sole support. 13 years later I have spent a million dollars on medical and legal bills to be able to sit here and share this with you. From the car accident I am rebuilding myself, my life and my retirement for the third time.

I have made my living doing events on the weekends successfully for 35 years as an artist and retailer. As of today, for the first time in 35 years I do not have an event for 10 weeks due to reschedules and cancellations.

I am grateful I listened to my intuition to save more before this came about. It’s helping. Is part of me scared – yes. And a HUGE part of me is marveling at this timing in my life. I am being given a window like none other to recreate myself and my life. To live dreams I wasn’t given the time to make possible. I am becoming closer with friends and myself, staying in touch with clients and customers, experiencing a greater value for being alive, observing people being kinder and so much more. I am getting larger projects done that have been on the back burner for a long time. Cleaning up and organizing my office and personal space contributing to a sense of greater clarity that I did not know would occur… my sense is to get ready for takeoff when that happens.

I am getting a chance to take a look at any internal challenges that come up and use them for growth to optimize my life.

My goal, as with my head injury, is to come out better than before. It may be different and yet can be so much better. When I set my focus and determination to learn whatever circumstances show me it’s time to learn, look at and transform, shift perspective etc… I have many examples in my life already of coming out better than before. And, see if this makes sense: when I – we – clear our “cache” – our history from our body – our history can no longer repeat itself because it actually no longer exists and a new world is unfolding.

What if we as a world took on becoming better than before? Use this space to evolve into a better world for all of us and all of life. What a world we could give our children and grandchildren and the rest of life on this planet.  Most of us are now very rich in time to consider, learn, grow and evolve. Let’s utilize it to be the greatest gifts we can be. I am doing my best. Thank you.     – Kim Conrad

To You, To Us and This World We Call Home ….

Kim Conrad, M.A.
Multi-Award Winning Author, Coach
International Speaker, Consultant

Life changes in an instant – The Night I met Rob

This is so profound for me not only what happened on the night of November 18, 2018, but also what followed when I was so drawn to share this on Facebook. What transpired from my share on Facebook also changed my life. The lives that changed from comments shared from people that read what had happened. And what people wrote when they shared my post. All told over 1000 people viewed it and there were over 300 engagements (I’m learning what that is 🙂 ) I got deeply in touch with what ‘runs’ me – I found myself boosting my post a number of times because it was making such a difference. I was not doing it to boost me. I was doing it to boost the difference it was making…. and I learned about what sense and direction internally can help me with making a bigger difference. I do so much more when it is about making a difference – passing on a message – than asking people to focus on me.

I also saw how far I’d come from a car accident and head injury a number of years ago, in that I easily wrote what I shared very well. It was clear and concise… my dreams and determination to be well is taking great strides with the neurofeedback I’m doing, combined I think, with a cumulative effect of years of dedication to daily support for myself to help my brain improve.

So – here is the post I shared on Facebook November 19th, 2018:
I think I am finding the need to share about this because it is still moving so strongly in my system:
As I was leaving an event tonight in Denver after we had taken down the exhibit… I was driving past the event center when a disheveled man walked up to my vehicle and seemed to be asking for help. I stopped and rolled the window down enough to speak with him. He shared he had gotten lost and had been walking in the cold for miles… he had some mental issues, missed his bus, became disoriented and had lost his way. He asked me to call the police so they could come help him. I called. Over the next hour I helped him get another jacket, water, offered food, etc. He wasn’t feeling well and eventually asked for an ambulance. I had the police send an ambulance for him. His phone was not working and he asked me to call his mother who lives out of state, so I did and helped them connect. I waited until the ambulance came and gave the paramedic his mother’s phone number. He looked like he had been beaten at times in his life and been through many challenges.
Having had a serious head injury I know what it’s like to be disoriented and not have a sense of direction and more…
Safe in the ambulance – I moved forward with my evening – I found myself crying as I drove away at the things that can happen in this life on Planet Earth…. and took time to connect also with all the love, grace, health and possibility that exists too.
He said a number of times he didn’t think the police or ambulance would really come. I told him they were truly on their way. He thanked me for staying and I hope he had at least one experience of someone who cared.

An Add On Note:
Thank you EveryOne   – I also want to add a note – while being of service I was also checking in on and with what was safe for me as well…. this is important too – to maintain awareness in all regards while helping others… While waiting for the ambulance I also felt into his field and sent him healing energy… To the amazingness of each of one us and of all life. We are all made of the same ingredients, just different recipes.

Listen – Follow – Care – Be Kind – We and Our World Need ALL of Us Now.

What kinds of being kind can you pass on in the next few moments – with each thought – each word – each action inside and/or out? …
Each day that you breathe and are still part of this Earth School…

Thank you

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker and Consultant
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC

Life Changing – The Honor of Being Knighted this year

So it’s official. You can now call me ‘Dame Kim Conrad’ and Kim is just fine. A friend said, “You are the first Knight I’ve ever met!”. I said, “So am I!” 🙂 Almost actually – I am except for the wonderful and dynamically world changing woman who nominated me – Shellie Hunt. And – Calling me Dame is fine too – just don’t take off the ‘e’. A very different experience! If you do it becomes “Dam Kim Conrad” – not working 🙂 🙂 🙂

So – what happened. Listening and following the ‘calls’ of life… Shellie Hunt who I met in 2016 when we both spoke at the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, India – nominated me for knighthood after we had been working on the creation of my body of work called “Sacred Life Living”. I did not expect it. I did not know she was a Knight. I am just determined to be of service and make a difference however life affords me the opportunity. It is because of this and more that Shellie said she was honored to have me be the first person she had ever nominated for knighthood.

By this time you may be saying, “Alright already – what organization is it!” 🙂
Ok – so what organization is it?
It is the Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitallers of St. John, now known as The Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory (OOSJ). This is the oldest historical charitable order to serve humanity, regardless of caste, creed, or ability to pay.
If you want to learn more you can go to: http://oosj-rgp.org/?page_id=865
The list of notable people and those that are not so known is remarkable … ALL of them – and – I am VERY HONORED.

First I was nominated. Then went through an extensive application process. Then accepted. And a year later went through the knighting ceremony.
The growth that I went through from nomination, to acceptance, to the ceremony was VERY DEEPLY transformative and profound. Walking into and as a person of Knighthood and being that declaration in the world. For me it is not about a title – one I had not sought – yet in living and being who I am continually drawn to live, be and do this found me. What is searching for you the more you live, be and do the contributions you came to give in this world? We all might be surprised and have MANY REASONS to Celebrate!

Here are some photos of the ceremony. This is a call out from me for our world – we likely have sooooo many more gifts to give and opportunities to make a difference in our world every day – we NEED THIS NOW – We NEED ALL OF US NOW – to the GIFT OF YOU! SHINE!!! That’s Why YOU’RE Here.

This is the church in Los Angeles where the Knighting Ceremony too place:

This is the sword used in our knighting ceremony – there were 15 of us. I was honored to be in everyone’s company.

Me at the Church

This is the plate of medals before one is given to each of us in our part of the ceremony.

Friends for 45 years. Eve and Jerry live nearby. I was so excited and honored that they could make it! Jerry, who is 91 years young, said, “I wouldn’t have missed it!”

Myself with fellow knight Michael Beckwith who joined us for the ceremonies.

All of us that were knighted, along with the Countess and all of the Knights who performed the ceremony for us.

A Fun Picture of myself with the Countess – Sunglass Divas – at the reception following the ceremony

To what can happen – the grace of life – welcoming each of us with open arms when we follow that calling that lives and breathes in and through the very cells of our being. Even when that inner ‘knowing’ seems wacky and still every cell in your body says “It’s Right!”
BE YOU. That’s why you’re here. Listen – Follow and Welcome Home.

Love to All of You and Thanks for being here and a part of my life.

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker and Coach
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC

2018 Wonderful Memories of Some People I met this year! Chicago – Jim Messina …

First – The Group CHICAGO – August 2018
Some history – and then what happened 🙂
I actually grew up in Hollywood, California during some of my elementary school years living across the street from CHICAGO!
I loved their music and had wanted to go see them for years. Here it is 2018 and a friend of mine and I bought tickets to go see them at the Pepsi Center here in Denver, Colorado. At a break during the concert I saw that a person could purchase a ‘fan’ care package and the opportunity to meet and have a photo with Chicago after the concert. I pondered… The cost – $100 for either one or two people. I did not really want the care package. What I really wanted was to meet them, have a photo and then walk away with the signed poster as a memory. Hmmm… I would be willing to split the cost with someone… My friend said “No”. I then spoke to the young man at the sign up desk and he suggested I come to door 104 after the show where everyone would be lining up to go see them and maybe I could find someone to share the ticket with.
Ok – great.

After the concert I went to door 104. A young man who seemed to be standing alone and I struck up a conversation. His name was Bruno. I asked if he was by himself. He said “Yes”. So I asked if he would be willing to split his ticket with me. He said “Yes”. We continued our very pleasant conversation. After a while the line began to move down the stairs onto the stage floor and then backstage. Before we got to the security check point I said, “I want to make sure to pay you before we get in.” Bruno gave me a gift. He said, “No need to pay me. Just come along with me.” This wave of gratitude washed through me and I shared a very Big and Warm “Thank You so much! I would have been happy to pay you… AND Thank You! This is a Great Gift for Me! I’ve wanted to meet them as I grew up across the street in Hollywood listening to them rehearse!” He beamed a big smile at me.

We continued through the Security Check line and backstage where one by one or couple by couple each of us got a chance to step up, say hello to Chicago and have a photo with them. (see below – Bruno is the young man next to me) When we stepped up to say hello and have our photo I asked them if they remembered ‘Holly Drive’, which is the street we all lived on back then. They got very excited, wide eyes and said “YES!!” I said, “I lived on Holly Drive across the street from you!” “Oh My God! You’re Kidding!”, they said. We laughed, shared warm smiles that tucked into our hearts. Bruno and I took our photo with them – Bruno with his care package and I with gratefulness.

We stepped away from our photo opp. A woman gave Bruno his signed poster and we walked away. Bruno then gave me another gift. He handed me the poster asking if I would like to have it. I said, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like it?” He shared, “I am on a motorcycle and seeing some friends after the concert. I am not able to carry it. If you’d like it please take it.” I paused, took this in and chose to receive. With very deep and profound gratefulness for Bruno as the Universe showing up in this way I accepted and received the poster. I walked away with everything I had asked for and more. A new found connection. Many smiles inside and out. Chicago’s poster. Wonderful conversation. And, many memories to cherish for a looooong time.

Bruno and I with Chicago 🙂 Bruno is the young man on my left

Second – JIM MESSINA of Loggins and Messina – November 2018
This concert was at the beautiful concert hall in Lakewood, Colorado – the Lakewood Cultural Center. FUN and WONDERFUL Concert with a Full House. A more intimate setting than the Pepsi Center 🙂 They mentioned Jim would be meeting people and signing his CD’s etc out front after the concert. A group of us unintentionally were standing near the stage door where performers can enter the lobby. Jim walked by and we caught each other’s eye. We smiled, he took my hand in his and we just had this warm connection. I shared my gratitude for his music, artistry and genuine heart. He smiled and thanked me and invited me to come into the lobby to get in line to see him. I did. The line progressed. One fan had brought all of his LP’s and some memorabilia. Jim signed all of them 🙂 It was my turn to step up. He signed the CD I purchased, we took a photo and then he shared that he LOVED my necklace (one of my businesses is where I design, make and sell Victorian and semi-precious jewelry). The necklace I was wearing is one I carry. He asked me to wait until he was complete with the line. He wanted to take a picture of it and, giving me his email asked me to send him information on the necklace. I did. He is a genuinely kind and caring person with a great flair for music and charming fun on stage. The rest of his band was amazing too.
Another very memorable evening that I am so glad I gave myself the opportunity to experience.

Jim and I after the concert 🙂

I am finally well enough from a head injury in 2007 where I sustained tremendous sensory processing issues – to handle most of the sound… some of these people may not be around for another turn – so I chose, in addition to the two mentioned above – Rod Stewart, Joan Baez and Josh Groban this year… and may be forgetting some others 🙂 ALL of them were GREAT!!

So exciting to be getting well enough to go on with life with more joys!! With great gratitude for what’s possible when you don’t give up and keep doing everything we CAN to move forward! When we do – Life responds – “YES” for “YES”!

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker and Consultant
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC

For the Holidays: Another Way to Look at Giving -:)

Some Thoughts on Giving –

The Holidays are so often referred to as ‘the season of giving’. I find that giving throughout the year of my heart, my time, my love, my appreciation etc. is a much more fulfilling way to go. And to note that receiving is actually giving someone the opportunity of experiencing the joy and fulfillment of their giving. I realized quite a while ago, having had difficulty receiving myself, that when we have troubles receiving we are actually cutting another person off from experiencing the gift of their giving.
As long as of course, you truly wish to receive what is being given 🙂 … That’s a whole other thing 🙂
So what if you could enjoy both giving and receiving?
How much more FUN could that be for EveryOne?

For over 30 years I have done events providing my jewelry and inspirational books as gifts of the heart for both the outside and the inside. I have listened to so many speak of the Holidays this way, “Oh – I can’t give to myself, I am shopping for gifts for others. … I can’t give to myself now!” If it feels appropriate, I will ask if I might share another perspective…. Most often I hear “Yes, please do.”
When I ask if it could be of value to share and … I get a “Yes” this is what I share:
I don’t think the Holidays were designed as a ‘giving’ and ‘denying’ experience!
They were designed as a season of giving…. which includes you too.
So I invite you to include yourself if you happen to be one of those ‘Holiday deniers’ 🙂
We go shopping often at the Holidays more than any other time of year.
We see more goodies than any other time of year.
Why deny us the joy of gifting ourselves when we place ourselves in front of so much richness – so much creativity, imagination and joy?
Budget yourself in throughout the year if that works – set aside money for yourself as well as others…. for the more we include ourselves, the more we can include others.
We can only treat others the way we treat ourselves….
Be Nice to Yourself 🙂
You’re worth it!

So IN-JOY the Holidays!
What if You IN-JOYED gifting yourself and others – however that looks – with a smile, a hug, a laugh, acknowledging yourself in the mirror,
your time, your money, a gift gift … etc
What if you said YES?!!
What could your life look like then?

Give with Love and Goodies as you chose
IN-clude yourself along the way –
with all the gifts giving and receiving of the heart as well as all the delicious goodies in all kinds of packages.
It’s Much More FUN!

Then – I’d like to share this verse on Giving from my book
“Vice Versa Verse”

You have to give in first in order to give out.
If you don’t you give up
and are no longer able to give out
because you’ve used up everything that’s in.
Fill your basket first to give from your fullness
rather than lack.

Living in giving is not about self-sacrifice
it’s about giving from your wholeness.
when you are whole
you can receive what others have to give.

Give other people the experience of giving too –
receive them
by first receiving yourself.

– Kim Conrad
Copyright 2012-2018
“Vice Versa Verse – Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul”
including 16 audio recordings to heal your heart and fill your soul
Paperback with CD and eBook with Audio – Available at http://www.KimConrad.com

With Love and Being Grateful For the GIFT of You

A FUN Holiday Image – whether you are a Cat Lover or Not 🙂

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker & Consultant
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC

Peace Is …. What is Peace to You?

I saw this post on Facebook (image below)
It got me thinkin’ and was the catalyst for this sharing….

First thank, you to Audrey Shenandoah – your thoughts have inspired more of mine

My thoughts as of this writing that continue to evolve in and beyond this post….

For Me – Peace is Access to the Sacredness of the Heart – to the silence within – to balance – to that space of possibility from which all comes. Peace is Access to all that lives within and the connection to All Things, Peace is….   Peace is when Love is Itself …. a very fully integrated, action oriented, balance bringing, in-powered and empowering Love

For me – Peace is not about Law and Justice or Rules – which to me implies ‘enforcement’ – Peace is a living embodiment of conscious integration – i.e. Conscious Oneness – that can be a fierce Conscious Oneness – and as such it ends up ‘ruling’ – as we have consequences when we do not live as designed – the print out of life shows us we are out of balance via its feedback – and we are ‘grossly’ out of balance right now. This ‘gross’ out of balance – this demand for action – is calling forth a balancing of energies showing us we can no longer wait to act – we MUST ACT NOW….Inside and Out.
This is an opening of a verse of mine called “Revelations” from “Vice Versa Verse”: “We are moving from a world that changes by consequence to a world that changes proactively by choice, yet to get there, we are being triggered by consequence.” – Kim Conrad

To Conscious Integration and Oneness – a door through which we find home – a home that we are, a home that has never left and is there whenever we chose to experience our integration and say hello. A place from which we can be constantly becoming.
Take a few moments – Put your hands on your heart – feel the resonance of heart through every cell of your being and all the spaces in between, then – breathe slowly in for 3 – pause – out for 5 – pause – repeat 9 times and allow yourself to come home.

Notice how much balance there actually is.
Notice how much Peace already exists and enhance it –
Be Thankful for the Peace on Earth that already exists today –
it does exist – and likely is in this moment of connection.

Then also address – take action to bring balance to those parts of our world that are calling for attention by illustrating their ‘out of balance’.

Peace be with you, as you, of you, for you and the US that WE Are NOW.

My Best for Our Best,


Kim Conrad
International Speaker, Coach, Consultant
Multi-Award Winning Author
Difference Maker

Wow – Archeology Turns on Its Head!

To civilizations past helping us with a new future
This excerpt with the link below – JUST AMAZING

Lasers Reveal a Maya Civilization So Dense It Blew Experts’ Minds

“They were hidden there, all this time, under the cover of tree canopies in the jungles of northern Guatemala: tens of thousands of structures built by the Maya over a millennium ago.

Not far from the sites tourists already know, like the towering temples of the ancient city of Tikal, laser technology has uncovered about 60,000 homes, palaces, tombs and even highways in the humid lowlands.

The findings suggested an ancient society of such density and interconnectedness that even the most experienced archaeologists were surprised.

“Everywhere that we looked, there was more settlement than we expected,” said Thomas Garrison, a National Geographic explorer and an archaeologist at Ithaca College. “We knew there was going to be more, but the scale of it really blew our minds.”
See the rest!



Kim Conrad
International Speaker – Consultant – Coach
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Powerful – Creating New Opportunities Through Changing Perspectives

Have you ever seen this photo?

It is so powerful for me and brings to an intensive pitch illustrating how the way we look at things shifts the experience of our world. We can look at one part(s), the other part(s) and/or chose to take in the whole picture.
What are your experiences of life?
How can you enhance them by learning, exploring, playing with and/or shifting your perspectives?  Do you resist? Are you excited? Both?
You can try new perspectives on to see how you might feel and then choose whether you want to keep them.

What if you truly explored perspectives with someone who currently sees things differently than you with a focus on learning how they got that way rather than attempting to change them or them you?

None of us were born the way we are today. We have formed, been conditioned and made choices to make it through in the best ways we could see at the time both consciously and unconsciously…. all filled with joys, pains, survival techniques, anger, pain, laughter, connections, disconnections, rage, etc. … We are all engaged in having a human experience.

All of your/our responses are just opportunities to learn more about ourselves, and in so doing, we give ourselves greater and greater opportunities to create a world we love and to live our dreams.

Wayne Dyer shared this quote: “If you change the way you look at the things the things you look at change.”
And then went on to share: “The greatest choice you could ever make is to decide whether you live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”
Your life will be totally different AND you can change it at ANY time.
For me – my sense is this world is created in very wise ways. There is wisdom in its innate structure. What this affords me is likely an easier way to notice and connect to what the wisdom could be in any circumstance. Hence, the ability to generate and re-source to newer heights from whatever comes up.

Consider this:
Neuroplasticity – the ability for neurons to change is very well documented now. Neurons that fire together wire together and neurons that no longer fire together no longer wire together. Hence – you can change the road maps of your brain – your perspectives and resulting behavior at any time in any way.
There are many tools, tips and processes to do this very effectively – to create the you that you’ve always dreamed of…..I know this very well healing from a traumatic brain injury…

If you feel funny, uncomfortable or whatever – this is simply a reflection that you are considering a different path – or wiring – than you have previously known. That’s all. Accept this and it can open new doorways to try on new things. Know too that whatever you ‘try on’ you can keep what works for you and let go of what does not work for you at this time. There is no ‘have to’. There is choice.

To the power of you to change our world and yours in any moment of every day. Continue to step out and in-joy the journey.
We need you now!

You ARE changing the world every day. No question. You and the choices you make are powerful. Period. What adventures in choice making can you expand to? Make the world one that excites you, inspires you, intrigues you, that you love. Make the choices within and without that create these and more. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Just start – your new world and ours begins right now.

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Performance Integration Master
Founder Sacred Life Living