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My plan is that this collaboration of me with words invites you to play, ponder, muse, recalibrate, co-operate, re-source, re-align, laugh, and become anew for a better and more fulfilling life. I have some unique ways of seeing things and hope that you find, at least some of them, of value for yourself and your world.
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“Being brave enough to be ourselves, we become someone elses unintended hero; and, in so doing we become our own.”
– Kim Conrad

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Kim Conrad, M.A.
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Founder, Sacred Life Living


Peace Is …. What is Peace to You?

I saw this post on Facebook (image below)
It got me thinkin’ and was the catalyst for this sharing….

First thank, you to Audrey Shenandoah – your thoughts have inspired more of mine

My thoughts as of this writing that continue to evolve in and beyond this post….

For Me – Peace is Access to the Sacredness of the Heart – to the silence within – to balance – to that space of possibility from which all comes. Peace is Access to all that lives within and the connection to All Things, Peace is….   Peace is when Love is Itself …. a very fully integrated, action oriented, balance bringing, in-powered and empowering Love

For me – Peace is not about Law and Justice or Rules – which to me implies ‘enforcement’ – Peace is a living embodiment of conscious integration – i.e. Conscious Oneness – that can be a fierce Conscious Oneness – and as such it ends up ‘ruling’ – as we have consequences when we do not live as designed – the print out of life shows us we are out of balance via its feedback – and we are ‘grossly’ out of balance right now. This ‘gross’ out of balance – this demand for action – is calling forth a balancing of energies showing us we can no longer wait to act – we MUST ACT NOW….Inside and Out.
This is an opening of a verse of mine called “Revelations” from “Vice Versa Verse”: “We are moving from a world that changes by consequence to a world that changes proactively by choice, yet to get there, we are being triggered by consequence.” – Kim Conrad

To Conscious Integration and Oneness – a door through which we find home – a home that we are, a home that has never left and is there whenever we chose to experience our integration and say hello. A place from which we can be constantly becoming.
Take a few moments – Put your hands on your heart – feel the resonance of heart through every cell of your being and all the spaces in between, then – breathe slowly in for 3 – pause – out for 5 – pause – repeat 9 times and allow yourself to come home.

Notice how much balance there actually is.
Notice how much Peace already exists and enhance it –
Be Thankful for the Peace on Earth that already exists today –
it does exist – and likely is in this moment of connection.

Then also address – take action to bring balance to those parts of our world that are calling for attention by illustrating their ‘out of balance’.

Peace be with you, as you, of you, for you and the US that WE Are NOW.

My Best for Our Best,


Kim Conrad
International Speaker, Coach, Consultant
Multi-Award Winning Author
Difference Maker

Wow – Archeology Turns on Its Head!

To civilizations past helping us with a new future
This excerpt with the link below – JUST AMAZING

Lasers Reveal a Maya Civilization So Dense It Blew Experts’ Minds

“They were hidden there, all this time, under the cover of tree canopies in the jungles of northern Guatemala: tens of thousands of structures built by the Maya over a millennium ago.

Not far from the sites tourists already know, like the towering temples of the ancient city of Tikal, laser technology has uncovered about 60,000 homes, palaces, tombs and even highways in the humid lowlands.

The findings suggested an ancient society of such density and interconnectedness that even the most experienced archaeologists were surprised.

“Everywhere that we looked, there was more settlement than we expected,” said Thomas Garrison, a National Geographic explorer and an archaeologist at Ithaca College. “We knew there was going to be more, but the scale of it really blew our minds.”
See the rest!



Kim Conrad
International Speaker – Consultant – Coach
Multi-Award Winning Author
Founder of Sacred Life Living

Powerful – Creating New Opportunities Through Changing Perspectives

Have you ever seen this photo?

It is so powerful for me and brings to an intensive pitch illustrating how the way we look at things shifts the experience of our world. We can look at one part(s), the other part(s) and/or chose to take in the whole picture.
What are your experiences of life?
How can you enhance them by learning, exploring, playing with and/or shifting your perspectives?  Do you resist? Are you excited? Both?
You can try new perspectives on to see how you might feel and then choose whether you want to keep them.

What if you truly explored perspectives with someone who currently sees things differently than you with a focus on learning how they got that way rather than attempting to change them or them you?

None of us were born the way we are today. We have formed, been conditioned and made choices to make it through in the best ways we could see at the time both consciously and unconsciously…. all filled with joys, pains, survival techniques, anger, pain, laughter, connections, disconnections, rage, etc. … We are all engaged in having a human experience.

All of your/our responses are just opportunities to learn more about ourselves, and in so doing, we give ourselves greater and greater opportunities to create a world we love and to live our dreams.

Wayne Dyer shared this quote: “If you change the way you look at the things the things you look at change.”
And then went on to share: “The greatest choice you could ever make is to decide whether you live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”
Your life will be totally different AND you can change it at ANY time.
For me – my sense is this world is created in very wise ways. There is wisdom in its innate structure. What this affords me is likely an easier way to notice and connect to what the wisdom could be in any circumstance. Hence, the ability to generate and re-source to newer heights from whatever comes up.

Consider this:
Neuroplasticity – the ability for neurons to change is very well documented now. Neurons that fire together wire together and neurons that no longer fire together no longer wire together. Hence – you can change the road maps of your brain – your perspectives and resulting behavior at any time in any way.
There are many tools, tips and processes to do this very effectively – to create the you that you’ve always dreamed of…..I know this very well healing from a traumatic brain injury…

If you feel funny, uncomfortable or whatever – this is simply a reflection that you are considering a different path – or wiring – than you have previously known. That’s all. Accept this and it can open new doorways to try on new things. Know too that whatever you ‘try on’ you can keep what works for you and let go of what does not work for you at this time. There is no ‘have to’. There is choice.

To the power of you to change our world and yours in any moment of every day. Continue to step out and in-joy the journey.
We need you now!

You ARE changing the world every day. No question. You and the choices you make are powerful. Period. What adventures in choice making can you expand to? Make the world one that excites you, inspires you, intrigues you, that you love. Make the choices within and without that create these and more. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Just start – your new world and ours begins right now.

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Performance Integration Master
Founder Sacred Life Living



What If… #1

In these challenging times – what if they were challenging us to become the most amazing connected human expressions the world has ever known – individually and collectively?  And from this place to unite with all life in the most miraculous forms ever.
To the heartfelt miracle of getting to know ourselves in all the crevices, nooks and crannies and in-lighten-ing every one. For the more we know ourselves the more we can relate to others – for we are One.

I’m glad that my toe is not designed to be my ear and that both live out their lives being themselves 🙂   Or that my liver isn’t having an identity crisis and attempting to be my stomach – if so – it would be a ‘bad’ day!
Live the miracle of you that you came designed to be since your inception – listen to the wisdom of your body – it will be happy when you are following your heart and not so happy when you’re not.

It’s TIME to SHOW UP! 
When a crisis hits a magnitude of opportunity exists!
Love to All of You –

Kim Conrad
International Speaker, Trainer
Award Winning Author
Founder, Sacred Life Living

Let’s Add #NeverAgain to #MeToo

Reading stories of women in response to the #MeToo uprising / upwising and being brought present again to what happened to me before I was out of grade school. Too young to know to beware. I am one of the 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 women who have been assaulted or molested in their life.
(If you don’t know what I’m referring to by #MeToo – read my post and the article links here – you will understand more)
What is being said by some men IS outrageous and is a call for all of us to speak up and create a different world. To treat and connect with men and especially younger men so that they are invited to view the world with all of us in it and all of life with respect and care.

Reading the remarks in a post on Facebook of men who have made outrageous remarks about women and rape – they can be viewed at these links:

I found myself after reading this post and articles – responding to women who are understandably triggered by what the men in the articles above have said…. doing my best to call forth from within me and asking others to do the same – a road that creates a different world…. now finding myself swimming through a very deep river running through me, one that is now asking to rise above ground to flow into this blog with what I posted in response on Facebook …. I have no idea how or by whom these men were brought up – likely by men who acted the same way… I don’t know that they have the wiring to see differently at the moment. AND if more men would join us women in rising up as invited in the blog mentioned in my post – maybe – more men would listen, consider and shift.

Knowing too that the things that some men say is a voice of neglect, ignorance, fear and abuse that currently lives in our field and, hence in our world. Noting here too – that abuse can and does occur from men to women, men to men, women to women and women to men – there is no genre or direction that is not part of this opportunity for healing, wholing and living from new directions.

And I invite – including any space or action toward ourselves as well. You may say – “Well I don’t say that! I don’t believe that! I don’t practice that!” whatever the ‘that’ is. And yet – I invite us to look into our internal closets and touch whenever and however we have abused ourselves by what we have said to ourselves, thought to ourselves, treated ourselves as well as not speaking up for ourselves (knowing sometimes it simply was not possible to do so when we are being attacked – sometimes we stayed silent to save our lives). A note here to mention Forgiveness: Forgiving is a tool ‘For Giving’ a release to freedom from whatever has occurred. Never saying what happened was okay. Forgiving judgments of …. forgiving who we were or were not for ourselves and ultimately forgiving others. It gives us the capacity to powerfully let go of any attachment and/or effect from what has occurred. To finally be more free than we have known. Please see my post on Forgiveness….
There is a video I share ….

My post:
“What is being said by some men, not ALL men – IS outrageous and is a call for all of us to speak up and create a different world. To treat and connect with men and especially younger men so that they are invited to view the world with all of us in it and all of life with respect and care. Not all men think or speak this way – I invite a read: https://johnpavlovitz.com/2017/10/16/men-side-metoo/     for an experience of a man with a different voice. (my only add to his article would be to request men to get involved to with different hashtags such as “#neveragain #changingmyways #morerespect”)

I would also like to ask that we stop name calling no matter how pissed we get. To stop lumping people into generic groups as is done from so many directions. How we do anything is how we do everything – so if we call another stupid then we likely do that to ourselves too. Words are POWERFUL – words create our world and we all ‘sentence ourselves’ everyday with the words we think, speak, write etc. So when we choose words like stupid or whatever – we are actually helping create a more ‘stupid’ world. Is that what we really want? I don’t think so. Why don’t we support ourselves and each other – (Including the men who care) and heal inside what is getting triggered so we use the trigger to become more whole while standing up for a world we love to live in. Thanks for reading and caring.”

Kim Conrad
Award Winning Author
Inspirational Speaker
International Consultant
Founder Sacred Life Living

An Opportunity for Listening and Collaborating Perspectives

Sharing this response of mine to a post on Facebook that got a very valuable discussion going and also triggered some reactionary name calling.
I am sharing here because what I shared was of value to some – SO – I am sharing my post and then for reference the brief article that I refer to which Carolyn took time to copy into Facebook so we were dealing with accuracy and a couple word tiles.

My Share: I appreciate all your perspectives and can see how it could be read/seen/ experienced in various ways. Carolyn, I thank you for taking the time to type the story. I have read it only once and at the moment feel drawn to share. For me at this moment it appears the writer is expressing more from conditioning than a personally directed racist or prejudiced perspective. Conditioning that unfortunately is part of our society at this time and up for a very welcomed timely revision. For me, it could also be read in a way to highlight that a person who happens to be a “Capitol Police special agent Crystal Griner is an African-American lesbian. She is a former college basketball star who got married to her wife Tiffany Dyar in 2015.”       This writer mentioned other standouts about Crystal in addition to race. I can also view this as bringing to light anyone whatever their gender, race or sexual preference can be a hero. I do find it striking that this writer only mentions the race of those that were “African-American” and I can understand how that would be something that strongly does not work for many readers…. it certainly stands out to me.

        When I am triggered or I see things that are out of balance, part of my contributing to a solution is to look within myself as well as take actions ‘outside’ myself. This means to see where, how and why I am triggered and heal my own wounding that has come to light in response to whatever the trigger is…. then I am really contributing to the healing and transformation of whatever situation is up – a powerful part of transformation is “when we want a system or situation to change, then be in the system/situation and change – when we change the matrix is different) then also take actions outside of my own inner ‘Earth School’. Earth School is always in session….

        For opening doors and helping cause a shift in the tides – I would invite anyone who wishes – to write to this paper/ magazine/… and the author of this coverage in such a way to bring about possible welcomed change from all directions…. How I often do this is to find a way to come from my authentic heart center: first to thank them for covering the story – for whatever you can find to truly thank them for; then invite them into covering stories even more accurately and in ways that could increase readership (it helps when what and/or the way you ask people to do something can be viewed as also helping themselves as well as you) and possibly then thank them for reading and considering your point of view and increasing their readership…. and/or opening a dialogue with you and others to help us all come to greater understanding of each other, increasing respect, awareness and the capacity to do our jobs better and live more contributory lives….

        We need ALL of us right now to find ways like the cells of our physical bodies to work together so our grandchildren have a planetary body to live on that is worth living on….

        So – what greater things could happen if we, even in conversations such as this, listened, cared, inquired, rather than wrote while having reactions – we’re gonna have reactions – Earth School is in session…. have the reaction, then own what’s coming up, that light has been shed so healing can occur, learn, grow, shift and chose again – and write from a greater mission for a greater world than from reaction (knowing that I too react and do my best to live what I am writing, I am successful much of the time and Earth School is in session for All of Us.)

        This is a much more lengthy share than I anticipated and hope it is of some value to some. Thanks for the dialogue. We are ALL of Value – All of Life – otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

The Article:
Carolyn shared: “I found it. There’s a picture of the Republican Congressmember Steve Scalise which is followed by the text: “Republican Congressmember Steve Scalise remains in critical condition two days after he and four other people were wounded when a gunman opened fire on Wednesday at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. Scalise was practicing for a charity congressional baseball game, which took place last night. Doctors say Scalise’s condition has improved in the last 24 hours, after undergoing three surgeries, but he is expected to remain hospitalized for an extended period of time. Meanwhile, more information has come to light about the Capitol Hill police officers who were credited with saving Scalise’s life and preventing the shooting of other lawmakers. Capitol Police special agent Crystal Griner is an African-American lesbian. She is a former college basketball star who got married to her wife Tiffany Dyar in 2015. Special agent David Bailey, who is also African-American, joined the Capitol Police about nine years ago. He hobbled out onto the field last night to throw the first pitch in the congressional baseball game. Both sustained injures in a firefight with the gunman, James Tommy Hodgkinson, who was shot dead. Griner remains in the hospital, after being shot in the ankle. In the wake of the mass shooting, some Republican lawmakers are openly discussing weakening gun regulations in Washington, D.C., to make it easier for lawmakers and other residents of the district to carry guns, while others are calling for stronger gun control.”

Adding a couple thoughts in these word tiles in case they are of value too


Kim Conrad
Multi-Entrepreneur, Award Winning Author, Inspirational Speaker
Founder Sacred Life Living

What happens when WE show up?

Hello Everyone – I just came back from a month long trip to Dubai and India – where I attended the Women Economic Forum. A gathering of 1600 women and men from over 109 countries. I continually strive to show up more and more in what I call – this ‘making a difference’ business.

I wanted to share these two amazing gifts sent to me about how me creating and showing up with my book “Vice Versa Verse – Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul” is making a difference for others. I am astounded.

What can and is happening for you and the world as you show up in the greater and greater version of you?

#1: From Angela
Dear Kim,
Last year in 2015 I had my first visit here at the Celebration Fair. I was drawn to Kim’s booth. I came feeling unbalanced and lost. Kim asked me a few questions realigned me and reassured me that I was never lost, and that I’ve always been “right here”. There’s no doubt in my mind I was meant to meet Kim that day, speak with her and walk away feeling reassured. I am whole and one with myself and open.
She asked me to hold her book, close my eyes and open to the page I was drawn to, but not look. I did. She took the book from me and chuckled. She then read my page. It was just the message I needed to hear and just the feelings I told her was my concern. From that day I read her daily messages and find comfort and direction.
A few months ago I took my son Jordan to the ER. He was experiencing a headache that would not go away. Before I walked out the door to leave I ran to my bedside and grabbed Kim’s book Vice Versa Verse. I took the book to the ER with us. While waiting on the result of my son’s test, I asked him to hold the book and prepare for a message. I asked him to close his eyes relax and open to a page when he was ready. He did and then handed it to me to read. It was comforting and very appropriate for our situation. I felt as if it helped prepare us for the news the Dr. was about to give us. Thank you Kim for sharing your gift with me as I continue to share it with my loved ones. Many moments I’ve shared and been fulfilled with direction, reflection and inspiration.
Angela B

#2: From Danny
Danny’s share is about the words and recording of “The Risk Taker” – one of my 16 recordings of verses in the book that come as a bonus with “Vice Versa Verse”. Danny is one of the people helping me put together a multi-media performance of “The Risk Taker”
This is a remarkable recording and I am so excited to see what you have in store for the world with this! You are a courageous woman. I look up to you tremendously. Thank you so much for being the person that reminds us to do the things that should be the simplest to do. All courageous people need people like you to remind us not to stop, to choose, to risk. You are the person that pulls us off the plateau and makes us dare to risk again.
Danny R.

Give the gift of inspiration to yourself or a loved one – Why Wait?

My multi-award winning “Vice Versa Verse – Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul” ebook and softcover is available now at http://www.KimConrad.com.
Thank you so much for being on this planet with me.

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Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator

Shine ON


It is the time of resurrection
the time of connection
between you and me and all things;
Waking up to the unknown whose time it is to know.

Dear hearts
let go of your no know places
to say yes to the true grandeur of you
from heart, from soul, from sun
that has been waiting to shine at full force
since eternity.
This is the time you have come for – Now.
Shine ON.

Copyright Kim Conrad. 2016

Earth Blue_Green as Heart


Kim Conrad
Award Winning Author
Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator

Our Heart’s Path

I read something today that inspired me and this message said hello:

Our Heart’s Path

Heart, you are found
Once again amidst the shadows of forgotten doors
Whose time it is to be opened.
Heart, do not loose hope.
Smile and you are activated.
Dream and you expand.
Act and we all live.

Together we walk onto the pages of destiny
Written before time knew itself.
Collectively we listen
Hearts innately opening upon the breaths of the Universe
Embryological Logos connecting the dots
Solar Logos activated
Feel the path, walk where it leads
We will understand more after we get there.

– Copyright Kim Conrad 2016

Heart made of flying people

Kim Conrad
Award Winning Author
Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator