Words have SUCH POWER. We create our world with them. Nothing that we create would happen without them. In fact I could say that the world that human beings are responsible for is the culmination of all the words ever spoken. What we speak today is the future of tomorrow. We literally ‘SENTENCE OURSELVES’ every day to the experiences we have because of the words we think, feel, speak and write, much of which is conditioning from our upbringing and/or society in general. Science now shows that what we think, feel, speak and write literally becomes the physical matter in our world.

Last week I looked over at the young woman who works with me and remarked, “I love your dimples! They’re gorgeous J”
She responded matter-of-factly with, “Their a mutation.”
I asked, “Where did you get that?”
She said, “I read this article and they are a mutation.”
I was in awe of how this beautiful young woman had taken on she has a mutation because of what she read in an article.
I asked if I could share and she said “Yes, of course.”

I asked, “Did dimples exist before this person decided that they were a mutation?”
With a broad grin she said, “Yes”
I continued, “So because someone, at some recent point in time, put their conditioned interpretation on dimples as a mutation you have chosen to agree with them? You would take on their limited thinking?”
She smiled and said, “I guess I did. I didn’t realize what I was doing.”

Continuing, “I could say then with this person’s logic that anything that is different is a mutation? A mutation from what – the mutation before it? That doesn’t sound like a fun existence to me.”
She said, “Me neither!” Her mind tiking…”I have a Special Feature then.”

With a Big Smile I said, “Absolutely! I Love Special Features!”
She said, “I like my Special Feature!”
I said, “I do too!”
With Big Smiles we high fived each other and went on with our day in a much happier mood.

What are things you think you have that are weird and/or different?
What if they were all Special Features?
And how can you live them in a Special Way as Special Gifts for yourself, others and this world?

How much can you learn and grow from them, with them?
And, How much joy can you have doing it?

© Kim Conrad 2020

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