2020-04-11 – Welcome to Corona – Take 2

It was Monday morning this last week. I got up, what for me is now early, to get out the door to be at Big Lots by 9am to be in line for toilet paper.  I finally need to get some. There were about 8 of us standing 6+ feet apart, all of us with masks on. I smiled at everyone with my eyes grinning because you couldn’t see my mouth and said “GOOD MORNING! Nice to meet you here today.”  Other’s eyes smiled too and we joined in a nice group chuckle.

9am – the doors open and we kindly file into Big Lots to get whatever we need while maintaining our distance. The store is having the first hour for seniors, which I qualify for because of the number of times I’ve made it around the sun, and don’t feel like it! I am still surprised when I am standing in line for ‘seniors’ or get discounts because of being a senior citizen! This just doesn’t compute somehow. 
(If you’re wondering how ‘old’ or YOUNG I am – it’s 64 and counting – gratefully so

I got my toilet paper. Helped others get theirs. Kleenex and a couple more things. Paid at the register and the exit door was locked. The clerk and I chuckled. I said, “You want me to come in and shop but never let me out!”  We both laughed and she helped me go out the entrance doors rather than wait for the manager to open the exit doors.

I get to my truck. Unlock it and start to put my purchases in the back seat when I look down and see this tiny square of bright white paper staring up at me from the gravel parking lot. From where I don’t know, this thought immediately came to mind “It’s a picture of Bruno Groening”. I could even see his face in my mind’s eye.

I have done healing processes with the society that practices Bruno Groening’s work – Circle of Friends – with great results. I think a lot of his work and even have a few small pictures in places in my home to help support well-being… (If you’re curious – here is a link of the first in a documentary series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNlXuclHhVc – a very powerful healer and still is)

I do not and have not carried a picture of him in my car. Yet, here I am finding his picture – one from my house, that has shown up on the ground in the parking lot at Big Lots. The white paper was so bright I could not miss it. And then to have the thought “it’s one of my pictures of Bruno Groening from home.”  How did that happen? Somehow I knew it was his picture. I could feel this warmth of knowing flowing through my body when I saw the back of the picture on the ground. I turned the little square of paper over and sure enough it was one of the portraits from my home!

HOW IN THE WORLD DID IT GET THERE in the parking lot at Big Lots?   Did it get stuck on my clothes and fall at just the right time to land outside my truck?  Who knows… (I’d love to meet “Who” –  When we don’t know something we often say ‘Who knows!’ How much more could I know if I knew Who?)

This unusual co-incidence – this sign – just brought an experience of knowing for me that I am being protected and taken care of. In All This craziness – this re-organizing – I AM Being Taken Care of. It’s just important to listen and act on these knowings I get of where to go and what to do. Listening and acting in the best timing shown – when my whole body lines up with the choices – it works out!

Back to Bruno – Standing in the parking lot with his picture in my hand, I said a very deep thank you to him and to all of this expanding experience that I am being supported by…being taken care of somehow with everything going on. It will be and IS BEING Okay. Somehow Someway It Is Being OK.

WE ARE OKAY. A bit crazy right now OR A LOT Crazy right now. AND OK. If you’re reading this in this moment you are OK. You couldn’t sit here right now and read this without somehow being OK. Connecting to: that underneath this experience of Earth School our essence – the truth of who we are is truly OK… it can’t not be, because being OK is an essence of the truth of who we are – of the nature of life itself. Stuff happens, and that stuff may not feel ok, and may not be ok and yet, behind that, underneath that ‘stuff’ we are OK – that can never change. And What If the more and more of us that choose and act on our choosing – we can and are creating a world better than what we’ve been? We Can – I Know – I am doing it with my own body and my life after a car accident.

Breathe, receive, feel our way with loving inside and out even when it’s scary. Come back into our bodies from any head trips and fears. Be present. Receive and feel and know what actions to take next.

Days later finding Bruno Groening’s picture in the parking lot still amazes me. IT’S AMAZING. IT IS A MIRACLE. And one that I am taking to heart, fully receiving and passing on.

What itty bitty, teeny weeny, little or big or in between miracles have been showing up in your life these last few weeks? Write ’em down. How many can you find?
And …
What if you were one of them?

To the miracle that is You…
Love is Infinite 

And So Are You.


Kim Conrad, M.A.
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Founder, Sacred Life Living