AARP (American Association of Retired Persons – even though I’m not retired yet) asked it’s members to share their stories – this is what I chose to share:
I am 64. In 2007 I had a serious car accident with brain and neck injuries. I am my sole support. 13 years later I have spent a million dollars on medical and legal bills to be able to sit here and share this with you. From the car accident I am rebuilding myself, my life and my retirement for the third time.

I have made my living doing events on the weekends successfully for 35 years as an artist and retailer. As of today, for the first time in 35 years I do not have an event for 10 weeks due to reschedules and cancellations.

I am grateful I listened to my intuition to save more before this came about. It’s helping. Is part of me scared – yes. And a HUGE part of me is marveling at this timing in my life. I am being given a window like none other to recreate myself and my life. To live dreams I wasn’t given the time to make possible. I am becoming closer with friends and myself, staying in touch with clients and customers, experiencing a greater value for being alive, observing people being kinder and so much more. I am getting larger projects done that have been on the back burner for a long time. Cleaning up and organizing my office and personal space contributing to a sense of greater clarity that I did not know would occur… my sense is to get ready for takeoff when that happens.

I am getting a chance to take a look at any internal challenges that come up and use them for growth to optimize my life.

My goal, as with my head injury, is to come out better than before. It may be different and yet can be so much better. When I set my focus and determination to learn whatever circumstances show me it’s time to learn, look at and transform, shift perspective etc… I have many examples in my life already of coming out better than before. And, see if this makes sense: when I – we – clear our “cache” – our history from our body – our history can no longer repeat itself because it actually no longer exists and a new world is unfolding.

What if we as a world took on becoming better than before? Use this space to evolve into a better world for all of us and all of life. What a world we could give our children and grandchildren and the rest of life on this planet.  Most of us are now very rich in time to consider, learn, grow and evolve. Let’s utilize it to be the greatest gifts we can be. I am doing my best. Thank you.     – Kim Conrad

To You, To Us and This World We Call Home ….

Kim Conrad, M.A.
Multi-Award Winning Author, Coach
International Speaker, Consultant