So it’s official. You can now call me ‘Dame Kim Conrad’ and Kim is just fine. A friend said, “You are the first Knight I’ve ever met!”. I said, “So am I!” 🙂 Almost actually – I am except for the wonderful and dynamically world changing woman who nominated me – Shellie Hunt. And – Calling me Dame is fine too – just don’t take off the ‘e’. A very different experience! If you do it becomes “Dam Kim Conrad” – not working 🙂 🙂 🙂

So – what happened. Listening and following the ‘calls’ of life… Shellie Hunt who I met in 2016 when we both spoke at the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, India – nominated me for knighthood after we had been working on the creation of my body of work called “Sacred Life Living”. I did not expect it. I did not know she was a Knight. I am just determined to be of service and make a difference however life affords me the opportunity. It is because of this and more that Shellie said she was honored to have me be the first person she had ever nominated for knighthood.

By this time you may be saying, “Alright already – what organization is it!” 🙂
Ok – so what organization is it?
It is the Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitallers of St. John, now known as The Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory (OOSJ). This is the oldest historical charitable order to serve humanity, regardless of caste, creed, or ability to pay.
If you want to learn more you can go to:
The list of notable people and those that are not so known is remarkable … ALL of them – and – I am VERY HONORED.

First I was nominated. Then went through an extensive application process. Then accepted. And a year later went through the knighting ceremony.
The growth that I went through from nomination, to acceptance, to the ceremony was VERY DEEPLY transformative and profound. Walking into and as a person of Knighthood and being that declaration in the world. For me it is not about a title – one I had not sought – yet in living and being who I am continually drawn to live, be and do this found me. What is searching for you the more you live, be and do the contributions you came to give in this world? We all might be surprised and have MANY REASONS to Celebrate!

Here are some photos of the ceremony. This is a call out from me for our world – we likely have sooooo many more gifts to give and opportunities to make a difference in our world every day – we NEED THIS NOW – We NEED ALL OF US NOW – to the GIFT OF YOU! SHINE!!! That’s Why YOU’RE Here.

This is the church in Los Angeles where the Knighting Ceremony too place:

This is the sword used in our knighting ceremony – there were 15 of us. I was honored to be in everyone’s company.

Me at the Church

This is the plate of medals before one is given to each of us in our part of the ceremony.

Friends for 45 years. Eve and Jerry live nearby. I was so excited and honored that they could make it! Jerry, who is 91 years young, said, “I wouldn’t have missed it!”

Myself with fellow knight Michael Beckwith who joined us for the ceremonies.

All of us that were knighted, along with the Countess and all of the Knights who performed the ceremony for us.

A Fun Picture of myself with the Countess – Sunglass Divas – at the reception following the ceremony

To what can happen – the grace of life – welcoming each of us with open arms when we follow that calling that lives and breathes in and through the very cells of our being. Even when that inner ‘knowing’ seems wacky and still every cell in your body says “It’s Right!”
BE YOU. That’s why you’re here. Listen – Follow and Welcome Home.

Love to All of You and Thanks for being here and a part of my life.

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker and Coach
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC