This is so profound for me not only what happened on the night of November 18, 2018, but also what followed when I was so drawn to share this on Facebook. What transpired from my share on Facebook also changed my life. The lives that changed from comments shared from people that read what had happened. And what people wrote when they shared my post. All told over 1000 people viewed it and there were over 300 engagements (I’m learning what that is 🙂 ) I got deeply in touch with what ‘runs’ me – I found myself boosting my post a number of times because it was making such a difference. I was not doing it to boost me. I was doing it to boost the difference it was making…. and I learned about what sense and direction internally can help me with making a bigger difference. I do so much more when it is about making a difference – passing on a message – than asking people to focus on me.

I also saw how far I’d come from a car accident and head injury a number of years ago, in that I easily wrote what I shared very well. It was clear and concise… my dreams and determination to be well is taking great strides with the neurofeedback I’m doing, combined I think, with a cumulative effect of years of dedication to daily support for myself to help my brain improve.

So – here is the post I shared on Facebook November 19th, 2018:
I think I am finding the need to share about this because it is still moving so strongly in my system:
As I was leaving an event tonight in Denver after we had taken down the exhibit… I was driving past the event center when a disheveled man walked up to my vehicle and seemed to be asking for help. I stopped and rolled the window down enough to speak with him. He shared he had gotten lost and had been walking in the cold for miles… he had some mental issues, missed his bus, became disoriented and had lost his way. He asked me to call the police so they could come help him. I called. Over the next hour I helped him get another jacket, water, offered food, etc. He wasn’t feeling well and eventually asked for an ambulance. I had the police send an ambulance for him. His phone was not working and he asked me to call his mother who lives out of state, so I did and helped them connect. I waited until the ambulance came and gave the paramedic his mother’s phone number. He looked like he had been beaten at times in his life and been through many challenges.
Having had a serious head injury I know what it’s like to be disoriented and not have a sense of direction and more…
Safe in the ambulance – I moved forward with my evening – I found myself crying as I drove away at the things that can happen in this life on Planet Earth…. and took time to connect also with all the love, grace, health and possibility that exists too.
He said a number of times he didn’t think the police or ambulance would really come. I told him they were truly on their way. He thanked me for staying and I hope he had at least one experience of someone who cared.

An Add On Note:
Thank you EveryOne   – I also want to add a note – while being of service I was also checking in on and with what was safe for me as well…. this is important too – to maintain awareness in all regards while helping others… While waiting for the ambulance I also felt into his field and sent him healing energy… To the amazingness of each of one us and of all life. We are all made of the same ingredients, just different recipes.

Listen – Follow – Care – Be Kind – We and Our World Need ALL of Us Now.

What kinds of being kind can you pass on in the next few moments – with each thought – each word – each action inside and/or out? …
Each day that you breathe and are still part of this Earth School…

Thank you

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker and Consultant
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC