First – The Group CHICAGO – August 2018
Some history – and then what happened πŸ™‚
I actually grew up in Hollywood, California during some of my elementary school years living across the street from CHICAGO!
I loved their music and had wanted to go see them for years. Here it is 2018 and a friend of mine and I bought tickets to go see them at the Pepsi Center here in Denver, Colorado. At a break during the concert I saw that a person could purchase a ‘fan’ care package and the opportunity to meet and have a photo with Chicago after the concert. I pondered… The cost – $100 for either one or two people. I did not really want the care package. What I really wanted was to meet them, have a photo and then walk away with the signed poster as a memory. Hmmm… I would be willing to split the cost with someone… My friend said “No”. I then spoke to the young man at the sign up desk and he suggested I come to door 104 after the show where everyone would be lining up to go see them and maybe I could find someone to share the ticket with.
Ok – great.

After the concert I went to door 104. A young man who seemed to be standing alone and I struck up a conversation. His name was Bruno. I asked if he was by himself. He said “Yes”. So I asked if he would be willing to split his ticket with me. He said “Yes”. We continued our very pleasant conversation. After a while the line began to move down the stairs onto the stage floor and then backstage. Before we got to the security check point I said, “I want to make sure to pay you before we get in.” Bruno gave me a gift. He said, “No need to pay me. Just come along with me.” This wave of gratitude washed through me and I shared a very Big and Warm “Thank You so much! I would have been happy to pay you… AND Thank You! This is a Great Gift for Me! I’ve wanted to meet them as I grew up across the street in Hollywood listening to them rehearse!” He beamed a big smile at me.

We continued through the Security Check line and backstage where one by one or couple by couple each of us got a chance to step up, say hello to Chicago and have a photo with them. (see below – Bruno is the young man next to me) When we stepped up to say hello and have our photo I asked them if they remembered ‘Holly Drive’, which is the street we all lived on back then. They got very excited, wide eyes and said “YES!!” I said, “I lived on Holly Drive across the street from you!” “Oh My God! You’re Kidding!”, they said. We laughed, shared warm smiles that tucked into our hearts. Bruno and I took our photo with them – Bruno with his care package and I with gratefulness.

We stepped away from our photo opp. A woman gave Bruno his signed poster and we walked away. Bruno then gave me another gift. He handed me the poster asking if I would like to have it. I said, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like it?” He shared, “I am on a motorcycle and seeing some friends after the concert. I am not able to carry it. If you’d like it please take it.” I paused, took this in and chose to receive. With very deep and profound gratefulness for Bruno as the Universe showing up in this way I accepted and received the poster. I walked away with everything I had asked for and more. A new found connection. Many smiles inside and out. Chicago’s poster. Wonderful conversation. And, many memories to cherish for a looooong time.

Bruno and I with Chicago πŸ™‚ Bruno is the young man on my left

Second – JIM MESSINA of Loggins and Messina – November 2018
This concert was at the beautiful concert hall in Lakewood, Colorado – the Lakewood Cultural Center. FUN and WONDERFUL Concert with a Full House. A more intimate setting than the Pepsi Center πŸ™‚ They mentioned Jim would be meeting people and signing his CD’s etc out front after the concert. A group of us unintentionally were standing near the stage door where performers can enter the lobby. Jim walked by and we caught each other’s eye. We smiled, he took my hand in his and we just had this warm connection. I shared my gratitude for his music, artistry and genuine heart. He smiled and thanked me and invited me to come into the lobby to get in line to see him. I did. The line progressed. One fan had brought all of his LP’s and some memorabilia. Jim signed all of them πŸ™‚ It was my turn to step up. He signed the CD I purchased, we took a photo and then he shared that he LOVED my necklace (one of my businesses is where I design, make and sell Victorian and semi-precious jewelry). The necklace I was wearing is one I carry. He asked me to wait until he was complete with the line. He wanted to take a picture of it and, giving me his email asked me to send him information on the necklace. I did. He is a genuinely kind and caring person with a great flair for music and charming fun on stage. The rest of his band was amazing too.
Another very memorable evening that I am so glad I gave myself the opportunity to experience.

Jim and I after the concert πŸ™‚

I am finally well enough from a head injury in 2007 where I sustained tremendous sensory processing issues – to handle most of the sound… some of these people may not be around for another turn – so I chose, in addition to the two mentioned above – Rod Stewart, Joan Baez and Josh Groban this year… and may be forgetting some others πŸ™‚ ALL of them were GREAT!!

So exciting to be getting well enough to go on with life with more joys!! With great gratitude for what’s possible when you don’t give up and keep doing everything we CAN to move forward! When we do – Life responds – “YES” for “YES”!

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker and Consultant
Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC