Have you ever seen this photo?

It is so powerful for me and brings to an intensive pitch illustrating how the way we look at things shifts the experience of our world. We can look at one part(s), the other part(s) and/or chose to take in the whole picture.
What are your experiences of life?
How can you enhance them by learning, exploring, playing with and/or shifting your perspectives?  Do you resist? Are you excited? Both?
You can try new perspectives on to see how you might feel and then choose whether you want to keep them.

What if you truly explored perspectives with someone who currently sees things differently than you with a focus on learning how they got that way rather than attempting to change them or them you?

None of us were born the way we are today. We have formed, been conditioned and made choices to make it through in the best ways we could see at the time both consciously and unconsciously…. all filled with joys, pains, survival techniques, anger, pain, laughter, connections, disconnections, rage, etc. … We are all engaged in having a human experience.

All of your/our responses are just opportunities to learn more about ourselves, and in so doing, we give ourselves greater and greater opportunities to create a world we love and to live our dreams.

Wayne Dyer shared this quote: “If you change the way you look at the things the things you look at change.”
And then went on to share: “The greatest choice you could ever make is to decide whether you live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”
Your life will be totally different AND you can change it at ANY time.
For me – my sense is this world is created in very wise ways. There is wisdom in its innate structure. What this affords me is likely an easier way to notice and connect to what the wisdom could be in any circumstance. Hence, the ability to generate and re-source to newer heights from whatever comes up.

Consider this:
Neuroplasticity – the ability for neurons to change is very well documented now. Neurons that fire together wire together and neurons that no longer fire together no longer wire together. Hence – you can change the road maps of your brain – your perspectives and resulting behavior at any time in any way.
There are many tools, tips and processes to do this very effectively – to create the you that you’ve always dreamed of…..I know this very well healing from a traumatic brain injury…

If you feel funny, uncomfortable or whatever – this is simply a reflection that you are considering a different path – or wiring – than you have previously known. That’s all. Accept this and it can open new doorways to try on new things. Know too that whatever you ‘try on’ you can keep what works for you and let go of what does not work for you at this time. There is no ‘have to’. There is choice.

To the power of you to change our world and yours in any moment of every day. Continue to step out and in-joy the journey.
We need you now!

You ARE changing the world every day. No question. You and the choices you make are powerful. Period. What adventures in choice making can you expand to? Make the world one that excites you, inspires you, intrigues you, that you love. Make the choices within and without that create these and more. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Just start – your new world and ours begins right now.

Dame Kim Conrad
Multi-Award Winning Author
International Speaker, Consultant
Performance Integration Master
Founder Sacred Life Living