In these challenging times – what if they were challenging us to become the most amazing connected human expressions the world has ever known – individually and collectively?  And from this place to unite with all life in the most miraculous forms ever.
To the heartfelt miracle of getting to know ourselves in all the crevices, nooks and crannies and in-lighten-ing every one. For the more we know ourselves the more we can relate to others – for we are One.

I’m glad that my toe is not designed to be my ear and that both live out their lives being themselves 🙂   Or that my liver isn’t having an identity crisis and attempting to be my stomach – if so – it would be a ‘bad’ day!
Live the miracle of you that you came designed to be since your inception – listen to the wisdom of your body – it will be happy when you are following your heart and not so happy when you’re not.

It’s TIME to SHOW UP! 
When a crisis hits a magnitude of opportunity exists!
Love to All of You –

Kim Conrad
International Speaker, Trainer
Award Winning Author
Founder, Sacred Life Living