Sharing this response of mine to a post on Facebook that got a very valuable discussion going and also triggered some reactionary name calling.
I am sharing here because what I shared was of value to some – SO – I am sharing my post and then for reference the brief article that I refer to which Carolyn took time to copy into Facebook so we were dealing with accuracy and a couple word tiles.

My Share: I appreciate all your perspectives and can see how it could be read/seen/ experienced in various ways. Carolyn, I thank you for taking the time to type the story. I have read it only once and at the moment feel drawn to share. For me at this moment it appears the writer is expressing more from conditioning than a personally directed racist or prejudiced perspective. Conditioning that unfortunately is part of our society at this time and up for a very welcomed timely revision. For me, it could also be read in a way to highlight that a person who happens to be a “Capitol Police special agent Crystal Griner is an African-American lesbian. She is a former college basketball star who got married to her wife Tiffany Dyar in 2015.”       This writer mentioned other standouts about Crystal in addition to race. I can also view this as bringing to light anyone whatever their gender, race or sexual preference can be a hero. I do find it striking that this writer only mentions the race of those that were “African-American” and I can understand how that would be something that strongly does not work for many readers…. it certainly stands out to me.

        When I am triggered or I see things that are out of balance, part of my contributing to a solution is to look within myself as well as take actions ‘outside’ myself. This means to see where, how and why I am triggered and heal my own wounding that has come to light in response to whatever the trigger is…. then I am really contributing to the healing and transformation of whatever situation is up – a powerful part of transformation is “when we want a system or situation to change, then be in the system/situation and change – when we change the matrix is different) then also take actions outside of my own inner ‘Earth School’. Earth School is always in session….

        For opening doors and helping cause a shift in the tides – I would invite anyone who wishes – to write to this paper/ magazine/… and the author of this coverage in such a way to bring about possible welcomed change from all directions…. How I often do this is to find a way to come from my authentic heart center: first to thank them for covering the story – for whatever you can find to truly thank them for; then invite them into covering stories even more accurately and in ways that could increase readership (it helps when what and/or the way you ask people to do something can be viewed as also helping themselves as well as you) and possibly then thank them for reading and considering your point of view and increasing their readership…. and/or opening a dialogue with you and others to help us all come to greater understanding of each other, increasing respect, awareness and the capacity to do our jobs better and live more contributory lives….

        We need ALL of us right now to find ways like the cells of our physical bodies to work together so our grandchildren have a planetary body to live on that is worth living on….

        So – what greater things could happen if we, even in conversations such as this, listened, cared, inquired, rather than wrote while having reactions – we’re gonna have reactions – Earth School is in session…. have the reaction, then own what’s coming up, that light has been shed so healing can occur, learn, grow, shift and chose again – and write from a greater mission for a greater world than from reaction (knowing that I too react and do my best to live what I am writing, I am successful much of the time and Earth School is in session for All of Us.)

        This is a much more lengthy share than I anticipated and hope it is of some value to some. Thanks for the dialogue. We are ALL of Value – All of Life – otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

The Article:
Carolyn shared: “I found it. There’s a picture of the Republican Congressmember Steve Scalise which is followed by the text: “Republican Congressmember Steve Scalise remains in critical condition two days after he and four other people were wounded when a gunman opened fire on Wednesday at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. Scalise was practicing for a charity congressional baseball game, which took place last night. Doctors say Scalise’s condition has improved in the last 24 hours, after undergoing three surgeries, but he is expected to remain hospitalized for an extended period of time. Meanwhile, more information has come to light about the Capitol Hill police officers who were credited with saving Scalise’s life and preventing the shooting of other lawmakers. Capitol Police special agent Crystal Griner is an African-American lesbian. She is a former college basketball star who got married to her wife Tiffany Dyar in 2015. Special agent David Bailey, who is also African-American, joined the Capitol Police about nine years ago. He hobbled out onto the field last night to throw the first pitch in the congressional baseball game. Both sustained injures in a firefight with the gunman, James Tommy Hodgkinson, who was shot dead. Griner remains in the hospital, after being shot in the ankle. In the wake of the mass shooting, some Republican lawmakers are openly discussing weakening gun regulations in Washington, D.C., to make it easier for lawmakers and other residents of the district to carry guns, while others are calling for stronger gun control.”

Adding a couple thoughts in these word tiles in case they are of value too


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