Hello Everyone – I just came back from a month long trip to Dubai and India – where I attended the Women Economic Forum. A gathering of 1600 women and men from over 109 countries. I continually strive to show up more and more in what I call – this ‘making a difference’ business.

I wanted to share these two amazing gifts sent to me about how me creating and showing up with my book “Vice Versa Verse – Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul” is making a difference for others. I am astounded.

What can and is happening for you and the world as you show up in the greater and greater version of you?

#1: From Angela
Dear Kim,
Last year in 2015 I had my first visit here at the Celebration Fair. I was drawn to Kim’s booth. I came feeling unbalanced and lost. Kim asked me a few questions realigned me and reassured me that I was never lost, and that I’ve always been “right here”. There’s no doubt in my mind I was meant to meet Kim that day, speak with her and walk away feeling reassured. I am whole and one with myself and open.
She asked me to hold her book, close my eyes and open to the page I was drawn to, but not look. I did. She took the book from me and chuckled. She then read my page. It was just the message I needed to hear and just the feelings I told her was my concern. From that day I read her daily messages and find comfort and direction.
A few months ago I took my son Jordan to the ER. He was experiencing a headache that would not go away. Before I walked out the door to leave I ran to my bedside and grabbed Kim’s book Vice Versa Verse. I took the book to the ER with us. While waiting on the result of my son’s test, I asked him to hold the book and prepare for a message. I asked him to close his eyes relax and open to a page when he was ready. He did and then handed it to me to read. It was comforting and very appropriate for our situation. I felt as if it helped prepare us for the news the Dr. was about to give us. Thank you Kim for sharing your gift with me as I continue to share it with my loved ones. Many moments I’ve shared and been fulfilled with direction, reflection and inspiration.
Angela B

#2: From Danny
Danny’s share is about the words and recording of “The Risk Taker” – one of my 16 recordings of verses in the book that come as a bonus with “Vice Versa Verse”. Danny is one of the people helping me put together a multi-media performance of “The Risk Taker”
This is a remarkable recording and I am so excited to see what you have in store for the world with this! You are a courageous woman. I look up to you tremendously. Thank you so much for being the person that reminds us to do the things that should be the simplest to do. All courageous people need people like you to remind us not to stop, to choose, to risk. You are the person that pulls us off the plateau and makes us dare to risk again.
Danny R.

Give the gift of inspiration to yourself or a loved one – Why Wait?

My multi-award winning “Vice Versa Verse – Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul” ebook and softcover is available now at http://www.KimConrad.com.
Thank you so much for being on this planet with me.

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