A dear friend told me about her squash soup recipe the other day. It sounded delicious! I asked her to email the recipe. She did.

What she emailed me is a phenomenal guide I think for any recipe – even a recipe for life –  being present, chosing joy while surrounding yourself and your chosen activity with all the “good stuff.” I’ve bolded the “good stuff”… then plug in whatever recipe you are cooking up – food or otherwise 🙂
Revise as serves you best!

Squash Soup

  1. Be in a creative mood
    2.  Be in a kitchen
    3.  Like squash & soup
    4.  Bake a tasty squash & let it cool
    5.  Puree squash without outer peel
    6.  Saute veggies of your choice in oil of your choice then cool & puree
    7.  Heat vegetable stock on stove & add in all of puree, stirring until combined.
    8.  Add in leftovers that you have that would taste good with squash, some you might want to puree first if you like a smooth consistency, otherwise just dump them in for a more stew-like experience.
    9.  Add in some kind of creamy liquid to your liking such as cow, goat, sheep, coconut, rice, almond, soy or hemp milk.  Heat to a simmer.
    10.  Serve in a bowl with a sprinkling of herbs of your liking.
    11.  Smile.


FOOD_Squash Soup

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